My Love for TV Returns Like Dallas’ Larry Hagman

Dallas returns to TNT for a 2hr premiere on 6/13/12 at 8pm cst/9pm est.

Whew!!! What a ride it’s been and I haven’t felt this great before! While other critics have been incredibly pessimistic about the return of Dallas to TNT, after seeing the 2 hour season premiere, I for one can’t be more excited to see it’s return. The writer’s of the show do an excellent job with casting. Josh Henderson comes out of the box making you loathe him, as he portrays John Ross, JR’s son who is eager to prove his worth as a Ewing. There’s no denying, it’s in him…But there’s only one original, JR. Larry Hagman’s arise on the screen awakens me and countless others (read the tweets!) as he returns to his old ways. His energy is like it’s never left, and he’s got a ton of tricks just waiting to get out of the bag.

The other side of the coin consists of Patrick Duffy (who I’ve always loved) returning as Bobby Ewing, the more even-tempered and loveable of the late Mrs. Ellie’s sons. I have to admit I was a little skeptic when I learned that Christopher Ewing (the adopted son of Bobby and Pam) was being played by Jesse Metcalfe. But I stand corrected that he’s more than capable of holding his own against such legends.

From start to finish, I was glued to my seat and this show definitely delivered on the drama, scandal, turns and twists, that the Original Dallas was made up of. I can’t tell you how elated and excited I am to see such a positive return to great scripted television. It’s clear that the writer’s have done a phenomenal job with making sure they capture the true essence of the original show and translate it properly to these modern times. The parallels of the original to the new are definitely obvious and helps bridge the gaps from the old fans to the new ones that they’re sure to gain.

 They say everything is cyclical, so I’m just happy that Dallas’ return to television is a true sign that reality tv is definitely on it’s way out! And I for one am more than happy to see and will be making plans to be back for more Dallas next week!

The Original Dallas cast


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