Cricket & Honey: The Decent Start to What Could Become A Great Sequel

Cricket & Honey: The Right to Remain Silent, by Author Charles “The Storytella” Burgess

I had the pleasure of reviewing, Cricket & Honey: Right to Remain Silent, a novel written by author, Charles “The Storytella” Burgess. Now, I will be extremely honest. I don’t particularly have a favorite genre of book, and I’m quite difficult to satisfy, as I love reading all types of books, magazines, and periodicals.With that being said, my overall impression of Cricket and Honey if I were using a grading system would be about a B-.  I thought there were a few scenes in the book that I felt were quite predictable for a novel about two black females, smart, savvy, and sassy who are undercover police officers that are reassigned after taking down two very detestable men, who would like nothing more than to get their hands back on them.

Make no mistake I indeed liked the characters who reminded me of a modern day, Black American version of Cagney & Lacy, although their clearly more sexy than the former. What I didn’t exactly enjoy were those plots that I felt were based off familiar movies. (You know…what I mean? It’s like the fact that Tyler Perry used the Soul Food story line in Why Did I Get Married Too).  I understand that there’s really no original idea. However, I felt that the author could have done it in a more creative way, as opposed to easily recognizing what movies he more than likely watched, such as Seven and Faceoff.

The story is left obviously with a cliff-hanger. It seemed a bit rushed, but I’m sure that’s due to the fact that the author may be anxiously working on the sequel, which I believe could be phenomenal, should he stretch his imagination a little more to develop a story that isn’t based upon things he’s seen in movies. I think it’s a good start to what could be much, much better and I am definitely rooting for him. It would be great to finally see a sequel top the original.


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