The Sadness of the Madness: The 2012 Election

The countdown to the 2012 Election has brought out the worst in people, whether you support our present President Barack Obama or the Republican nominee, Mitt Romney. It’s unfortunate that many have such disdain for two men that most of us truly don’t know, nor will we ever. The disappointment really lies in those who claim to be Christians, yet feel the need to proclaim that the world will come to an end should their candidate not win. We’ve seen the videos from left and right wingers pitching part truths to try to sway a person one way or the other. Yet I haven’t seen much speaking the truth in love (Ephesians 4:15). And it’s not surprising that most aren’t making any headway in swaying others opinions one way of the other. You see, you can’t expect to be listened to if you’re hollering.

The agenda as I see for any Christian isn’t to convince others that we’re better off with one Man or Another. But bringing folks to Christ, should always be the agenda, all day every day. I’ll be completely honest. Initially, Satan had ALMOST….listen to me when I say it….ALMOST had his way with me, as I pondered over both candidates of this election. However, what I had to remember is that I AM A CHILD OF GOD. With him, despite what the outcome of this election is, I still will have all of my needs met.  I see fear as Satan’s play on us and how we handle it is indeed a true indication of how strong our faith is. Now to say that a person is going to be responsible for the end of the world, makes you a liar at least according to the scripture, because Matthew 24:36 says that no one knows about that day or hour, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father.  Not only are those who proclaim this a liar, but clearly they consider themselves to be GOD.

When you look at both sides neither one looks appealing when you truly think about it. Both sides are ruled by fear. One’s the fear of not having money and the other is ruled by the fear of losing it. As a Christian what I do know is that four years ago, many said the exact same things….yet, here I stand and the world continues to go on.  And even when the country was presided over by who I consider the worst President that I’ve ever lived under took office, God still provided me with my needs. Last night while sitting up late, I saw a documentary style program on HGTV, entitled Living Abroad. On this show, they were showing three different American families who were living in Shanghai, China. At first thought, I had believed that at least one of the families would be living depressed considering Shanghai is Communist. However, one of the couples admitted that it was different. But still they were happy with their decision to take job opportunities there. One couple actually had a couple of kids and purchased a home and have been living there ten years. And one couple had two children and one on the way there. Yet, they weren’t tackled to the ground for stepping out their back door. Their lives didn’t feel threatened, as they spoke. All still was relatively normal and they seemed truly happy. I say all that to say, we fear the unexpected. But what we forget is that when we’re truly with God, he is with us to handle those difficult times. And in the end, we have to work out our own salvation with fear and trembling, Phillipians 2:12. What I’m certain of is that regardless of what the law of the lands begin to allow, my faith isn’t going to be shaken to succomb to it. While I know certain things aren’t in accordance to God’s will, just because the laws of the land may allow it (abortion) doesn’t mean I will use it, no more than I will become a part of a brothel if I should visit Nevada. I’m diligently seeking God’s will for my life and stand firm on that.

Lastly God is Love. And he shows us just how much in the scripture, “Love your enemies. Pray for those that persecute you”. How many of you have truly prayed for the leaders, those present and incoming? Just maybe if as many prayers were sent up for them, as there are advertisements or shared posts attacking those candidates, they may actually change for the better.  Just some food for thought….

Just my Savvy Two Cents


2 thoughts on “The Sadness of the Madness: The 2012 Election

  1. I really like this post, because u make so much sense. Politics is what it is. So my “2 cents” are to be aware and be engaged in the process, but ultimately put your trust in Jesus! (And I’ll “amen” that one myself, Lol)

    • LOL!!! Thanks for your comment. Yeah, we never truly know what the right decision to make is. However, I put my total trust and faith in God. Without him, I can’t do anything worth anything anyway. But to totally become angry and bitter and risk losing a moment to bring closer to God, makes you just as guilty as the other sinner you point fingers towards. Have a blessed afternoon.

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