It’s How You Live That Matters Most

Dee Stewart, also known as Miranda Parker

Yesterday evening, I discovered that a very special person had died. Instantly after getting the news, I felt like I had been punched in the stomach. The first thing I thought was why, as if I had a momentary lapse that we’re only here for a short while. My heart was so broken. Last year when I entered the literary world, destined to sharpen my marketing skills, I didn’t realize how tough a journey it would be. And for the droves of people I reached out to for assistance in navigating this often difficult publishing game, there were only a handful that were open and eagerly willing to help.

Dee Stewart, also known as Miranda Parker was at the top of that list. She would always stop what she was doing to share what she could to help answer my questions and concerns for growing my business. Never once did she make me feel bothered by my inquiries and we started to exchange them quite often. We had talked about our dreams and goals and she was definitely determined to meet them, but enjoying the experience of it all instead of complaining about the strife. And the fact that we grew even more closer through our admiration for the incredibly handsome, Shemar Moore, which we chatted about weekly in a facebook group, further built our connection.

Dee’s life, while a quite short one on this earth, has left me with a renewed understanding of my purpose here. First, while we were initially connected to each other through our professions, there was still so much I was looking forward to learning about her and now will  never get to know. But I will definitely take the time to relax more and seek balance in the relationships I build, determined to never take the time you have to share with someone for granted. Secondly, Dee’s vibrancy was always apparent, even though she never quite reached her goals. She never stopped, nor dwelled on the things she hadn’t reached. But remained focused on the things that would get her there, all the while helping others anyway she could. Looking at my facebook timeline this morning, I know that those who had the pleasure of even interacting with her once, can attest to it. Her spirit was large and you couldn’t help but gain energy from it. Lastly, she took time to have fun. Even in our group every week, you could tell that it was little things like commentating on Criminal Minds (one of her favorite tv shows) that gave her pleasure and all of us enjoyed the fellowship, as well.

Although it has only been a little over a year, I have been blessed to know her.

While I’m saddened that she’s gone, Dee will always be missed by me and countless others. And the greatest lesson, I’ve learned from knowing her is that it doesn’t matter about when and how you die. It’s how you live the time you’re here that matters the most.

May God give comfort and the peace that surpasses all understanding to the family and all those affected by the loss of Dee Stewart.

Life is but a vapor….


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