There’s Always Something That You Can Do

This weekend has been an emotional one for me and most of my loved ones. Someone very near and dear to me suffered a surprise illness that no one of us could have predicted. It’s going to be a battle particularly for her, as well as all of us as we learn to cope and deal with what the future holds.

Yesterday’s evening service a church addressed a great subject. Our minister tackled the subject of there always being something that we can do to fit your circumstance at the time. Amazingly, the message came on time for me today. He talked about how David had fought in many physical battles and had won. But as time crept on in 2nd Samuel 21, where David’s soldier’s told him that he shouldn’t go out anymore in battle. So, David returned home back to his throne. However, it didn’t mean that David was less of a person because he couldn’t do what he once could. It just meant he was suited at the time for something else that would serve a better purpose.  They needed his mental strength and guidance, as opposed to the physical stamina he once had provided.

This entire weekend I felt sort of like David. I have known a time that it would have appeared that I could do so much more physically for my family who were sick. Now, I was feeling that my hands were tied. However, eager to help, I realized that there were calls that needed to be made and paperwork that needed to be prepared for processing. So, I extended my services to help take care of those things on the backside, while those who can physically be there are handling those tasks. Overwhelmed by emotion, I couldn’t help but cry. Because God does provide you these little lessons. And we’re never too old or young to learn them.

I say all that to say, that clearly there are always things that you can do, despite whatever circumstance you find yourself. Maybe it’s a phone call to cheer someone up. Maybe it’s a handwritten note, just to tell someone they’re in your thoughts. Maybe it’s a brief visit to give that person some company. Maybe it’s picking up groceries or baking a casserole for someone who hasn’t had the time to prepare a meal. If you look around and stop looking at how you used to be able to help, and start identifying how you can help them now…you will always be a blessing to others.

May God bless you all!


~ Tanisha’s Savvy Two Cents ~


Why Tyler Perry’s “Good Deeds” is a Must See

Ok, so let me first start off by saying, I’m not a huge Tyler Perry fan. So, this isn’t an over excited fan who will love anything he puts out. I’m a lover of art, especially the stuff that provokes much thought and causes you to have long engaging discussions. Now that I’ve got that disclaimer out of the way…

Good Deeds is the movie to watch! At the hem of a slow moving economy where people are making big decisions in their lives and what moves to make next. Tyler Perry tackles the subject matter that forces you to look at what real happiness is. This movie really touched home with me.

I have a BA in Business degree. But I’m extremely passionate about the arts, particularly television and aspire to write for television one day. It was my dream in school. But I remember telling a faculty member my dream and her response to it was that I needed to be real and that I couldn’t make a living doing that. I also remember other members of my family and friends telling me that someone with my intelligence just has to get a 4 year degree. However, I can honestly say that I wonder where I’d be at this very moment had I just followed my original dream.

I’m a lover of change and creation. I thrive off of it. And doing those things that are repetitive only douses out the fire that burns within. And if I feel that way, I wonder how many others are just going thru life doing what you think others expect of you, instead of what you want for your life. How much more fulfilling would life be and how much less uptight would others be if they did.

Another thought to ponder in the movie is the idea that with wealth comes happiness. You have Deeds who can buy anything he wants, he has the woman of the highest pedigree,  and yet his life is still unfulfilled. This brings to the surface that while we may not have the same problem…we ALL have problems in our lives. The most important thing in life can’t be bought with money. The wealthy put their pants on one leg at a time. So instead of putting them on pedestals, we need to feel comfortable and thankful for the valleys and peaks that we have.

It’s because of the subject matter that I put this movie in my Top 5 TP movies. So, passionately I ask that if you haven’t seen it yet…Go ASAP!!! And tell me what you think after you have:) And start living!!! I know I am!

~Tanisha’s Savvy Two Cents~


If you watch CBS’s Survivor (if you don’t, just Google it), there are 2 names that are causing much heated discussion and controversy that are being talked about every where it seems.  If you say, Colton Cumbie, you’d be correct. While some people believe any publicity is good publicity, I can’t help but wonder what some of the city officials and prominent people in Monroeville have to say about the native who’s representing the city of Monroeville…and not in the best way.

Cumbie, a gay youth, who grew up in Monroeville, AL has unleashed some comments that have people all over cringing and couldn’t come at a greater time to be honest. Candidly he speaks very ignorantly about  a black contestant, calling him “Ghetto trash” because of his decision to pursue his passion for comedy, as well as his address of a question about him having any black people in his life, his reply was “His maid”.  The irony is that his being vocal about his feelings, which clearly are a result of his upbringings and his attending an “All White” private school, comes prior to a huge symposium being hosted in Monroeville on March 15-16 to discuss partnerships with China. The symposium will be involve some of the world’s most prominent business owners from all over the world.

However, that’s incredibly funny that in a town where diversity isn’t appreciated and blatantly disrespected amongst most of the wealthiest in the community, they want to hold this forum to talk about building a relationship with China. It would seem to me if you can’t accept nor want to get a better understanding of the blacks in the community, what makes them think they’ll be more successful at building relationships with the Chinese?

While I saw many people who were angry over what Cumbie’s views are, I’m not surprised and actually welcome the attention. Because I do think it needs to be addressed. Monroeville’s always been notorious for hiding things under the rug, all the while continuing it’s reputation as a modern day Payton’s Place. The racial tension here is very thick, and I have to believe that the celebration of  Harper Lee’s one and only novel, “To Kill a Mockingbird” is a big contributor to it. For those who have read it and/or saw the movie, you’ll understand why. And the coverup continues, depending on which side of the color line you reside.

I’ve never been one for playing the race card. I am by a number of people’s standards in both the black and white communities fairly conservative. But I believe in calling a spade a spade. Racism exists pretty heavy in this area and someone needs to be willing to admit that it is indeed a key reason for why industry may/may not be interested in locating their businesses here. I seriously think they need to diligently seek to resolve some of the tension, or I don’t see much economic growth for the town itself in the future.

In the county of Monroe Alabama, you have only 1 private school, which is “100% white”, which is the one that Cumbie attended. If you are only exposed to white people and the only television news station you watch is FOX news. You’re sure to have distorted views about black people. The sad thing is when they have to go out into the real world and interact with those very people they tried so hard to avoid. Sidenote: I actually read a comment from one of his supporters stating that she enrolled her children in the private school to avoid the black impact on them:(  (Check out this link:

Really??? But this person isn’t alone.

Unfortunately in December, I attended a forum to discuss ways to resolve the issues in Monroe County. Unfortunately, in a room of 30 people, only 5 were black. And the people were in total denial about the state of our community. They tried to paint a picture that all was roses. But what does it say that the one private school is busting out the seams with the white people trying to get their children in. While the public school system has become heavily populated with black children, although blacks only account for about 39% of the Monroe County population? The sad part about the discussion was when one of the “prominent white males” in the community approached me after the forum to let me know that I was “A different type of black person” based off of the way I spoke and my views on the problems they deemed as “black issues”.

The male assumed that he was giving me a compliment. But when I encouraged him to expand his horizons and get to know more than what he’s exposed to thru the commentaries of “Bill O’Reilley”, he told me that I was jaded and out of touch with reality. He told me that I was the exception of black people, not the rule. Both of my fathers were in me that night. My Heavenly Father told me to pray for him, while the words of my earthly father (who fully experienced the civil rights era) rang true. My dad used to tell me that when someone shows you who they are that you should thank them. Because that way you know for certain who they are, where they are, where they stand and you don’t have to wonder. He spoke about the fact that they used to see openly clan members back in the day. He was appreciative, because he was always on guard and knew who the enemies were.

So in some crazy way, I think we owe Colton a big “Thank You” for showing black people where we stand with him. Hopefully, he won’t have to depend on those very black people for anything in the future. And he can live happily ever after in his lily white world.

Tanisha’s Savvy Two Cents

Dig Deeper

After writing a post yesterday about my loss for words and inability to note them in the forum. God seemed to hear me and fill my tank once again…in a very short span of time.

But it’s just a testimony to how God can work and it’s amazing how great and how much joy you feel when you don’t see what he has in store for you coming. He brings out the best of surprises and he’s not one to be underestimated. With that being said, I hear so many people who say that at least I’m blessed just to be here.

Now I agree that life is nothing to be taking for granted and believe me when I tell you that I don’t. But I also think we place so much emphasis on that one blessing that we’re not digging deep enough to find the multitude of blessings God bestows upon us in every given moment of the day. Just this morning alone while driving into worship service, how I’m so fortunate to at least additional blessings that most don’t think about: the ability to hear, see, touch, taste, and smell.

I was able to hear my mom say, “I love you” as I left out of the door and I was blessed to be able to say it back to her and know that she heard me all the same. I was blessed to be able to taste the flavor of the scrambled eggs I had for breakfast and to touch and hold the spoon that placed them in my mouth. I could smell the perfume I sprayed on and the smell of doggy breath I was met with to tell me that it was time for them to go outside.

And that’s not all, I was blessed to see the gray sky this morning and the brain to decipher what the color gray even is. I was blessed with the motor skills to drive me to church this morning. I was blessed with the ability to gain understanding from God’s word, share and partake in additional study of his word.

I was blessed when I returned home and it was still standing just as I had left it. I was blessed to be able to have a car that was mechanically safe and sound for me to drive to my destination and return back safely. I’m blessed to be able to share this message with you. Because I know there’s someone who may actually read this or pass it on to someone who may be feeling down and out and not fully understand how indeed blessed he/she truly is.

As I grow older, I can’t help but feel like the world we live in is so used to having things readily available, quick, fast and in a hurry. It’s become so much so, that when things don’t go exactly as we think they should, we suddenly can’t see the forest for the trees. So my challenge for you today and everyday there after, is to go deeper. Seek a greater understanding. Look ever so close at the blessings you are given, way past the fact that you exist…But make your existence is a worthy one. Matter is something that can be defined as anything that takes up space. But it’s not enough to just be matter.

Every experience, good or bad, is a learning one that ultimately can be used to make us better to serve His will and not our own. Make sure you’re using it as such. Think about what you gained even when you experience some hardships and trials. And if you can’t find it…trust me, you’re not digging deep enough.

May God bless your day and all there after.



Tanisha’s Savvy Two Cents


Why I’ve Been Two Cents Short

Some of you may have noticed that I haven’t blogged in quite a while. What seemed to flow from my fingers so effortlessly, now I struggle to bring to this white space. It’s been disheartening to me because I used to have such passion to deliver these messages to you. But as of late, my passion to write is inside. But the time I have to dedicate to writing has been shortened. And when I do have the little time to write, I’m without words to share.

However, I’m sure this is just a momentary case of writer’s block that we all battle with some time. I’m eager to get some sense of normalcy and consistency back. But I refuse to rush the process and fill your pages and my posts with meaningless and heartless words. So I’m asking you to be patient with me, as I get over this little hump.

Who knows? They say when you lose something, God normally replaces it 3 fold. So,  it’s my hope and prayer that I’ll be able to share six cents worth of knowledge in the future. So, don’t count me out. I’m most certain that with the life and experiences I’ve been enduring, I am sure I’ll have more than enough spare change to share;)

Until my piggy bank is refilled. May you continue to be blessed with much happiness and most importantly, an abundance of love.

Tanisha’s Savvy Two Cents

My Disappointment for Red Tails

Red Tails

This weekend there’s been two words on nearly everyone’s lips or brains that’s captivating audiences all over….RED TAILS! Produced and funded by George Lucas, Red Tails is an epic story based on the true story of the Tuskegee Airmen in WWII, as the first black aerial combat unit. The film stars, Terrence Howard, Cuba Gooding Jr. and Nate Parker of The Great Debaters.

Having watched the movie, I found it to be extremely enjoyable, and an amazing story about what it was like for the black men of that day who were wanting and willing to fight for our country, yet still made to feel that they were inadequate and unimportant. And their level of commitment and perseverance through it all.

This post isn’t to critique the movie, because I think it was very well depicted. However, this is more so to discuss somethings that I feel need to be voiced.

My greatest disappointments for Red Tails comes from all those who I’ve heard from the black community who choose not to support such a great film and are going to miss out on a wonderful message. It amazes me that in a time when racism is rendering it’s moon sized dome evermore, that blacks would feel that because the movie isn’t 100% accurately depicted that it would be grounds to not show their support at the box office.  First of all, you have to realize the movie is still fiction. It says inspired by true events, it doesn’t say it’s non-fictional. I’m pretty sure that most of the original Tuskegee airmen are deceased or probably close to it (not to seem insensitive) so it’d be pretty hard to make this movie 100% accurately without their input.

Secondly, I’ve heard complaints about the love interest of one of the pilots being white….ok, Italian. Really??? Let’s break this down. The movie was based on the squad’s being in Italy and fighting Germany. If you’d watched the movie, you’d have noticed that not one time did they show the men going home. They had a mission. It was all based off of the fact that they were stationed in Italy. However, they did note that one of the soldiers had a wife back home. And Cuba Gooding’s character was also married (notice the wedding ring he wears). But even still, did you really think all black men who entered the war were married right away or wouldn’t be interested in Italian women? Hate to break it to you, there’s nothing new under the sun. True love doesn’t have a color. And the moment, we start to realize that….maybe, just maybe we can really start to get a greater grasp on racism.

Lastly, I heard criticism about the movie being produced by a white person. To that I say a big……SO WHAT!!! If we’re not backing and funding our own stories, why shouldn’t we be happy that someone else who so happens to be non-black is willing and able to do so too. It’s a positive story to be told. Nothing in the movie demeaned us in anyway. It showed us in a very natural and normal light. This is a story to share with our youth. I hope this movie inspires so many of our young black men, who feel like they can’t or the odds are stacked against them to rise above all the pettiness and the nay sayings that they hear and move forward.

One of my favorite quotes of the movie was from Terrence Howard’s character, “You don’t always make the right decision.” he was addressing Nate Parker who seemed to be having a pity party about some of the decisions he’d made in the past that he felt caused some harm. I think if we all realized that and are just willing to accept that in life we’re going to make wrong decisions. But pick ourselves up when we do and carry on, life would be a lot more fulfilling and definitely more productive.

You can’t change your yesterday, nor fast forward to tomorrow….just live your life the best you can for today.


Just my Savvy Two Cents.


I Guess There’s No More Need For Introductions

As I sit here looking at my facebook list of friend requests (exactly 32) that have been sitting out there for a year or so now. I’m left with the task of asking, “Who are these people?” or “How do I know them?”. Some I have mutual friends, some I don’t. Some of them I’ve seen in passing, but doesn’t necessarily mean that I know enough about them to be certain I’d like to add them to the people I broadcast information to about me and my wear-a-bouts daily.

Honestly, my life is pretty much an open book. At least I keep telling myself that, until someone asks me my weight (LOL)! And I don’t think that I have anything that I feel I couldn’t replace by starting a new profile should someone maliciously want to hack my page (heaven forbid). But the greatest problem I have with friend requests from people that I’ve never really had any interactions with outside of facebook or within any of the facebook groups I’m a part of, is the blatant disregard for an introduction.

Let’s face it. If you were to approach someone in person, an introduction would be necessary, whether formal or informal. For instance, typically I meet people all day long. In my line of business, I consider myself a professional networker:) I get paid to build and bridge connections. So, in order to do those things, I have get to know people. Sometimes the best way is to informally F.O.R.D. them. F.O.R.D. stands for (family, occupation, recreation and dreams). It’s an tip I learned in my real estate experience when you’re trying to pick up potential buyers and sellers. People are naturally prone to speak about anyone of them and you can learn so much about how you can be mutually beneficial to each other.

The same can be applied by just informally introducing yourself to someone you’ve never really spoken to and are requesting special access to their pages. I try to make it a habit of introducing myself to all that I don’t know and even some that I haven’t had the pleasure of speaking with in a while to refresh their memories. And I think it’s important to reintroduce this little bit of insight that will prepare us for the formal atmosphere that’s returning in the work environment, as well. The days of easy are phasing out. It’s going to be necessary to re-condition ourselves for a changing future.

So spread the word. And the word is COURTESY!

Just Tanisha’s Savvy Two Cents